The Best of Social Anarchism :

Book launch and the (temporary) closing of Red Emma's

May 19, 2013

We had hoped to have our book launch party at Red Emma's, our local (and fabulous) anarchist bookstore/coffeeshop, but alas! our timing was not so good. Last night we attended the shutting-down party for Red Emma's in the location it has occupied for the past 9 years. In the Fall, it reopens in a new, expanded location, and everyone is excited!

In the mean time, we are tentatively planning a book launch event at the 2640 Space. Return here for news and updates as they become available.

Order Direct via PayPal

Shipping costs out of the USA for a book this size are prohibitively expensive. Consider ordering from a local source if available.

Read Now!

Read the Introduction by Jeff Shantz or the epic and whimsical "Editor's History" by Editor-in-Chief Howard Ehrlich. Both texts are immediately available for you to enjoy! Please consider buying the book — great for subversive gift-giving as well!

See the table of contents and read the opening essays…

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